‘Too ugly to be raped’ Van Badham and ‘acid tongued potty mouthed’  Catherine Deveny join forces in a hilarious battle axe wielding comic assault through multimedia and pissed offedness into troll culture.

Trollhunter is a part of the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


An otherwise peaceful village is given a rude awakening into the reality of terror and violence by the sudden appearance of a troll emerging from under a bridge and harassing the village’s women. The girls and women of the village are menaced by the slimy breathed sticky fingered general disgustingness. As is tradition men of the village constantly explain to the womenfolk what they should do.

Fortunately a hero emerges… Catherine Deveny. Leather armor, battleaxe in tow with a support army of Van Badham and a lot of other pissed off feminists from the media. Deveny goes to battle against the forces of darkness; the 21st Century most revolting new phenomenon the anonymous Internet Troll.

Blood will be spilt.

Rated VB for bad language and violence against complete arseholes.

Deveny as you have never seen her before in a one-woman show involving a combination of comedy, horror and smackdowns. Deveny embraces the fantastic in a stand up performance that goes into middle earth and may not come back out again.

Hilarious, adults only, using actual material of Internet trolls & misogyny.

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